Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting ready to teach a class at Paper Cowgirl!

YeHaw!!! I am soooo excited!! It is just a few short weeks to Paper Cowgirl! I will be teaching a class on soldered shadow box pendants. There will be 20 women in my class and I am offering several different designs. Did I say I am excited!!! I am working on survival kits for everyone taking the class...they are going to be a  chocked full of fun stuff and a few things I have made to go into them.

My sidekick Marsha from Kentucky aka Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! is gearing up to to help me out with the class. Right now she is designing some business cards for me! If you are taking my class you are going to have a funtastic sure and ask Marsha about the keys on the luggage tags!

Looking forward to working with Cindy Mayfield our head cowgirl! You can find her now over at Yapping Cat Studios or on the Paper Cowgirl blog! Just a few pics to show you what I am getting ready for Paper Cowgirl!

I feel so blest in my nest!