Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love My Church!

Just got home from church...this month I have been teaching in the K-1st grade childrens Sunday School. I love the excitement and energy of this age! I have been attending Journey Christian Community for a few years now. It is a non denominational church that has a deep heart for God and caters to a large variety of needs. I feel this is the most non judgemental church I have attended and you can feel the love when you come in!I'm  just praising and thanking God for the freedom we have to worship when and where and how we want in America. Thankful that we can pray to our creator without being chastized.  I  am soooo  blessed in my nest!

The above picture is of my cousins. Gloria and Margaret Leigh Moores and Aunt Maggie...circa early 1920's

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