Thursday, May 3, 2012

gonna try to get caught up!

Okay...first things first...I didn't win the interview but came close...thanks to all who liked my necklace and helped me out!

The Country Living Fair in Austin was fabulous! I had great sales and a great time. I met so many people from across the country it was just so fun. My friend Marsha did it with me and we set up a really cute vintage booth. On Friday of the fair is was sooo interesting because when I would ask people where they wer from it was amazing to here California, Arizona, New York, Louisiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Australia. Country Living has a fab following. On Saturday most of the people that I talked with were from somewhere in Texas. My booth was full on Friday and Saturday all day long! On Sunday the crowd wasn't as large so I got to venture out and look and shop. On Saturday my daughter Stacy, friends Kathy and Valerie came to help with the crowd . What a blessing from above to have them come help! And Marsha who managed the Craft Gallery in Waco was a work horse with the shoppers in the booth...another blessing I have been counting! Okay now here are some pictures. I'll start out with some from our booth and then post some of the others at the fair.

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