Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ohio Country Living Fair !

Marsha and I got invited to do the Country Living Fair in Ohio! We can hardly contain ourselves and there is sooo much to do in such a short time ... When I applied to get into Ohio I was told it is really hard to get in .. It is so established that no one wants to give up their spot! I was also told I was on the top of an enormous list of applications and if someone dropped out I would be next in line... Not thinking that would happen ... Just went on making stuff ... Decided to open my own shop ... And 2 weeks before the fair got the exciting call! We are in!!! I want to thank everyone for their support for my crafts, painting , and jewelry making !! It takes loyal customers to keep me going! Love you all!

Have a blessed day!


Kim said...

COngrats!! Take your camera, we want to see lots of pics!

Phyllis Ann Shows said...

Lots of pics coming!